About Me

Why Do I Perform?

I perform because art is universal, and I think the act of producing art has the possibility to create echoes or reverberations through eternity. It’s nonviolent, spiritual warfare.  Art paints the hearts of millions. I perform to free enslaved souls; to free spirits. I perform to inspire and empower myself & others in order to inspire and empower others and myself; and to get bitches.



Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Charles has contributed his talents widely in numerous art forms. At the age of nine Charles was awarded the Young Authors Award by the Courier Journal. In elementary school he was named an Official Nickelodeon Kid and was awarded the “All Things Are Connected Award.” This lead to his creating and self publishing the philosophy minded “TheUniverseWithin.net” later in his adult life.

In his early life, Charles was declared a Distinguished Citizen by the Mayor of Louisvlle, was awarded for Outstanding Leadership by the Archdiocese of Louisville, was published in numerous magazines and newspapers in Louisville, and also runway modeled tuxedos for Men’s Warehouse and Local Radio.

He grew up singing in local school & church choirs which eventually lead to National Anthem solos throughout High School. From private voice lessons to theater acting in College, Charles took his gifts to the Millie Lewis International Singer/Actor/Modeling/Dance Competition in Orlando, FL. A blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts at age 14, Charles always knew he was graceful. Consistently dominating dance floors at clubs, parties & weddings, he yearned for something more & created his own regular dance parties by teaching Hip Hop at local gyms.


On a leap of faith, Charles brought his talents to Colorado. Charles has been a(n):

– fashion model/dancer for local retail fashion shows.

– consistent nude model for Western State College and other various sketch/drawing classes..

– lead choreographer/performer for sold out performances at the Colorado Center for the Arts.

– has graced the cover of local newspapers.

– founder of 3 other dance classes.

– actor in Disney’s Secretariat and also contributed his acting talents to other independent films, such as appearing in  “The Shaman In the Grove” and “A Collection of Stones.”